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When I think of "HOME", I think of a warm, inviting place to feel safe and loved. The products I promote speak to my heart and I hope they speak to yours, whether you are decorating your home space, yourself or your soul. I welcome you into my online home of scented air, beauty for your hair and THE warm comfortable taste and aroma of specialty teas...all to make you feel that home IS where your heart is.


Fragance Your Home.

Fragrance shapes your story and fills your home. It captures moments like pages in a journal, and Scentsy offers scents to set those memories free! Explore our fragrances and fill your home, your way.

Lilla Rosa

Uniquely Awesome Haircessories


During the month of March, receive 1 free Hair Stick with an order of $40 or more, or 2 free Hair Sticks with an order of $60 or more. Free Hair Stick selection presented during final checkout.

Steeped Tea

Upgrade Your Flavor

Over a cup of tea, Steeped Teas inspire flavorful living. Let it be a break in your day to dream, reflect and appreciate. Through your love of tea we can unite as citizens of the world to make a difference for each other. Tea can join you wherever we go!

  • No artificial colors.

  • No artificial flavors.

  • No irradiated ingredients.

  • No preservatives or fillers.

  • No MSG

  • Non-GMO whenever possible.

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